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For as long as he can remember, Jamie has been at his happiest outside. ‘It makes me feel calmer, but also more energised’ says the man who first hatched on turning into his passion into a business when a birthday treasure hunt in woods for his then six-year old son had all the elated parents clamouring for more. Recognising a visceral connection between immersion in nature and a sense of wonder and contentment, Jamie set about building his passion into a brand. ‘When you put children and nature together, the only outcome you ever get is entirely positive’, he says. ‘All their best elements – they joyfulness, their enthusiasm, their interest in absolutely everything – are magnified. It makes the world feel like it’s working.’

A natural pied piper, Jamie is as passionate about fun as he is about the natural world. It is the combination of these two things – the exhilarating freedom of stepping out of modern life, and back into the elemental – that makes the Mud & Guts experience so unique. ‘I want the children who come on a Mud & Guts adventure to come away infused with a little bit of magic’, he says. ‘Having fun with their friends, connecting with their environment, breathing fresh air deep into their lungs – these are the things that made me happy as a boy, and still do to this day. On a fundamental level, I just want to pass that on.’

Kit from Mud & Guts

My name is Kit. My goal is to join the Army so, among other things I can learn transferable skills as well as having an opportunity to travel the world.

My whole life I have lived in Somerset. I am a very active and outdoorsy individual, who is blessed to have grown up with vast amounts of outdoor space; never ending fields, small woodlands and rivers. Which meant most of my childhood summers involved exploring these places with my friends – it was when we felt most free, running through long grass, playing games and making up stories. They were some of the best days and it is one of the reasons why I love teaching children about the magic of nature and showing them there’s more to life than what’s on a screen. Another reason is that I love working with children is that I admire their endless energy, constant creativity and their resilience with some of the tasks. I want them to be able to fall in love with the natural world, learn how to thrive in it and enjoy it as much as I did when I was growing up.

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