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‘When you put children and nature together’ says Jamie (who truthfully enjoys playing games and climbing trees as much as his young charges do) ‘the only outcome you ever get is entirely positive.  All their best elements – their joyfulness, their enthusiasm and their interest in absolutely everything – are magnified.  It makes the world feel like its working’.


Just a quick email to let you know that William had an awesome day on Tuesday!  I am so thrilled it was a success and William is very much looking forward to another Mud and Guts day!  Do let me know of any future dates as and when. With huge thanks.

Rosie Thomasin Foster

Jamie I can’t tell you how euphoric the children were this evening. I think what you’re doing is absolutely brilliant.

Sophie Beely

Jamie, you’re a legend. We still can’t thank you enough for Saturday’s jamboree, for the time and effort you put in, for the fun had by all.  Just brilliant.

Amelia Jonas

Thanks so much for allowing me to tag along and be part of the adventure. so enjoyed being out in the woods and fresh air and not twiddle my thumbs at home! Loved the atmosphere.


I really like it when we go down to the stream and look for crayfish and build dams.  I really like the games that Jamie does.  Jamie is always fun!


Thank you so much for a really wonderful afternoon in a magical setting.  The girls loved it, and it was lovely to see them having fun in a really calm, creative setting.

Briget Cowan

It was fantastic – thank you. As Sue said, we wish you were in Hertfordshire! I have no doubt the kids would have been happy on the ipad, but they will remember what you did a lot more more!

Dash Nicols

Jamie you are amazing. Pied Pier of wiltshire countryside! Can’t the adults have a day running around and stealing flags!

Beck Lidlington

Mud and Guts day are always the highlight of the holidays, the children (7) and (10) adore their days with Jamie and come back bubbling over with enthusiasm and tales.  Can’t recommend enough for a real Swallows and Amazon’s, away from the screen, day.